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“I sincerely hope that you find the website and its links useful  for getting news and information about Kenya, government services, consular, trade investment opportunities, sports, travel, tourism, the Creative Economy, ICT as well as information on bilateral relations with the United States of America.” 

Ambassador Thomas Kwaka Omollo HSC



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Dr. William Samoei Ruto
Dr. William Samoei Ruto

We have elevated our diaspora to be the 48th County. The complaint has been that the Kenyan diaspora has not received the attention it deserves. The focus has been on remittances, while their fundamental rights as citizens have been neglected.

 To correct this oversight, I pledge to:

a. Elevate diaspora issues at a ministry level.
b. Strengthen diaspora services in all embassies.

c. Work with parliament to set up a committee that will exclusively deal with diaspora issues.

d. Set up a mechanism for public participation by the Diaspora.

e. Work closely with the IEBC to expand and enhance diaspora participation in elections.

The government will improve its services to Kenyans living abroad, The newly created

State Department for Diaspora Affairs will boost service delivery to Kenyans abroad, especially on

consular matters.

“We are going to decentralize and use technology to bring as many services as we can online. We know many Kenyans spend hours and days traveling to get consular services, the diaspora is a crucial player in Kenya’s economy. “When you support your families back home you are also making a valuable contribution to the economy. Diaspora remittances are now Kenya’s biggest source of foreign exchange, we are keen to work with you; to utilize your networks to bring investments to Kenya so that we can create opportunities and move our country forward. “

His Excellency Hon. William Samoei Ruto, PhD., C.G.H. President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces

Represents the people of Kenya


Represents the bloodshed in the fight for independence.


Represents the fertility of the land


Represents the peace


We want to protect the interest and lives of every Kenyan — those at home and those who go abroad — who are our primary responsibility. We will ensure that any Kenyan in the diaspora knows that this ministry and country cares about them. We will be implementing various measures to improve the lives and welfare of our citizens who travel abroad. I want to work with others to improve the strength of our passport, to enable Kenyans access more countries to work and study in without the need of a visa, or only need a visa on arrival,” 

DR. Alfred Mutua EGH

Permanent Secretaries

Ambassador Thomas Kwaka Omollo HSC

“Kenya offers one of the best investment climates in the wider East African region with limitless trade and investment opportunities. Nairobi is Africa’s connecting hub and regional base of economic and multilateral diplomacy. 

It hosts one of the four United Nations Offices and  numerous international and inter-governmental organizations. A major preferred tourism destination of the world, Tech hub and a hotbed for sportsmen and women. A famed film location & entertainment vibe destination of the world

The focus of the consulate is to service the Kenyan diaspora and enhance relations with the 13 states on the West coast of America,Kenya is a friend of the people of the United States, enjoying long-standing historical ties which continue to grow from strength to strength and have been transformed into a multifaceted and mutually beneficial partnership. These ties encompass virtually all fields of interests.

It will be my goal to further these relations for the benefit of the citizens of our great nations. My team and I are committed to not only continuing to consolidate relations with the United States but also to cultivate linkages with the various individual state economies.We also deliberately seek to engage and diligently serve and interact with the Kenyan diaspora, who are Kenya’s first line ambassadors and partners in national development endeavors.”

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Kenya Consulate Los Angeles

Kenya Consulate Los Angeles

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2 months ago

Kenya Consulate Los Angeles
Kenyans in the diaspora, do you want to invest in GoK treasury bills and bonds from the comfort of your phone?@CBKKenya will be introducing their app - DhowCSD and how you can invest directly and securely. See posters & sign up for a convenient time based on your time zone! Please register at centralbankke.webex.com/weblink/regist… ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Kenya Consulate Los Angeles
STOP PRESS Catch the Consulate General on the 11th April Live on a reflection interview with chicagos @topdonn . @teamd2d Balozi Mr. Thomas Kwaka Omolo is an accomplished civil servant, whose service to the Presidency over the last 9 years has reshaped the Presidency’s Brand Strategy, image, and appreciation by the youth in the country. He is a committed compatriot whose ability to command identities, creative, design and the political landscape in Kenya has set him apart as a brilliant strategic thinker. A pivotal leader in the Republic of Kenya and Africa’s creative economy, Mr. Kwaka received the Head of State Commendation for his innovative direction and leadership of the Creative Society of Kenya board. This board has helped earn millions of Kenyans performing artists and other creatives enhanced visibility and engagement with the country’s Executive and Legislative players.During the post covid period, Mr. Kwaka spearheaded the creative economy recovery strategy (Together at Home) working alongside Kenya’s Ministry for Sport, Culture and Heritage to implement Kenya’s groundbreaking work for pay stimulus program for artists recognized by the World Health Organization and the Commonwealth as the gold standard for orange economy recovery post 2020.Mr. Kwaka has been appointed to head the National Cohesion & Integration Commission -NCIC pre-election campaign 2022 dubbed Elections Bila Noma and serves on the board of the World Scout Parliamentary Union Kenya.A successful entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, Mr. Kwaka patronized and led the National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams to the first ever continental championships since independence. Ambassador Kwaka has served the Kenya consulate in LA for 2 years and has built a solid relationship & elevated the perception of the consulate in the United States of America . TUNE IN FOR MORE . ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Kenya Consulate Los Angeles
As his tour of duty ends the SOCAL community has lined up a series of KWAHERI BALOZI events , please make a date to Meet & Greet while socializing with the Kenyan community in the LA ,San Diego ,OC ,Anaheim ,Inland Empire ,Temecula,Riverside communities .See Poster for more details ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Kenya Consulate Los Angeles
The Kenya Consulate in LA is proud to announce the signing of a working MOU between the Public Service Commission of Kenya & the Umholi Fellowship .The Umholi we Africa program aims to accelerate the careers of young leaders into strategic positions within the public service sector in Africa .The Kenya Consulate in LA is proud to have played its role in mid- wifing the conversations leading to this momentous occasion .@amandachembezi@AfricaleadershipacademyCONGRATULATIONS KENYA TO THE WORLD THE WORLD TO KENYA ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Kenya Consulate Los Angeles
The Consul General was pleased to meet with@NarrowGate CEO Peter Darrel Kindig ,His firm are experts & proven consultants in Global Security Force deployments to combat Gang Violence, Gun Smuggling, and Global Criminal Activity. Kenya is a major player in peace diplomacy all over the world, having participated in the deployment of peace, keeping missions and personnel in many countries , and helping tackle these global issues head-on . , "We are thrilled to see such a powerful partnership form and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have." Peter KindigMr Kindig shall be making a trip to Kenya to deepen the relationship, seeking further prospects and cooperation in the East & Central Africa region .KENYA TO THE WORLD ... See MoreSee Less
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